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Ancestral Tours For Women in Sicily


Pilgrimages to Sicily & Italys' most sacred feminine sites 

SheLegends adventures are designed by women for women.

This your chance to walk in the footsteps of heroines, goddesses, witches and priestesses of the Mediterranean.


SheLegends designs solo and group pilgrimages to the temples, sacred shrines and mysterious cave networks connected to feminine power and 

Swim in the crystal clear waters of the Hyblaean mountains, explore the cave network that tells the story of Persephone and Hades traverse 5,000 year old roads of our goddess worshipping ancestors.

We invite you  to a unique experience where you can weave your thread into the ancient lineage of the sacred feminine that exists within us all. 


Trace the roots of the Italian Pagan traditions with SheLegends.
Goddess Tours in Italy for Women

"Visiting sacred sites is so important, because no amount of research can replace the power of standing where our ancient ancestors celebrated the divine feminine."

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The Huntress Experience - Sicily

Embark on a journey into the heart of ancient feminine wisdom with our exclusive Sicilian Goddess Tour.


You will delve deep into the rich tapestry of Sicily's ancient feminine heritage, hunting for the remains of temples, mysterious caves networks, shrines, and settlements tucked away in hidden corners of the island's lush landscape.


Your journey encompasses the exploration of a Neolithic necropolis, enigmatic megalithic stones, the sacred aura of a millennia-old goddess temple that lines up with the planet Venus, and Europe's largest active volcano, Etna. 


On this trip, you're not just an observer—you're an active participant in an expansive, expressive journey.

As you trace the footsteps of ancient women that came before, you have the opportunity to transmute old paradigms, forging a path of personal growth that echoes with the strength and wisdom of your foremothers.


Born from the shared passions of two women living in Italy, SheLegends is a testament to a craving for the untamed, the hidden, the magical and the wild. 

Our mission is to inspire women to unearth their innate exploratory spirit, inherent curiosity and capacity for boundless authentic self-expression through travel.


Through curated experiences, we aim to ignite the creativity and intrepidness that resides within every woman, and to share the magic and medicine found within Italy's ancient history.


Strega & Wolves Experience - Tuscany

We invite you to let the wild spaces of Tuscany rejuvenate your spirit on this unique pilgrimage celebrating the story of Aradia, La Bella Pelegrina and goddess Diana. 

Your adventure starts in the Etruscan town of Volterra, the birthplace of Aradia -'Messiah of the Witches'. Visit the Mandringa rock, where witches once gathered to dance and celebrate the sabbath, the Balze cliffs and the ancient stone gateway to the city 'Porta di Diana'. 


Next you will head south to explore Populonia, an Etruscan necropolis nestled above the blue Etruscan coast. The journey continues to the wild Maremma national park, and the remains of a Roman temple devoted to Diana that may have been associated with Aradias followers during the medieval era.


Unwind in the therapeutic waters of natural hot pools before visiting a labyrinth enclosing an Etruscan king, and one of the most interesting and well maintained painted tombs in Italy. 


The tour concludes at Lake Nemi, on the ruins of the Diana Nemorensis temple. Once an enormous sanctuary associated with nature, hunting and fertility. 


Here you may be lucky enough to see or hear the call of an Apennine wolf, a majestic animal associated with Diana. Wolves have made an incredible comeback in central Italy, illustrating nature's inherent ability to restore and heal herself when provided with the opportunity.

Just like us!

magical practices and beliefs from Italy | Travel

Will you answer her call? 

"She stretched out her legs on the soft grass, putting down her pen and resting her hands upon the journal in her lap. Her ears tuned into the gentle sound of women’s laughter in the distance and it urged her to relax further into the large smooth stone behind her back.

As the cool rock kissed the skin on her shoulders, her bones began to remember. She became in tune with the energy of this site her goddess worshiping ancestors chose many millennia ago. Everything about this island, this pilgrimage to the feminine, this exact place, she felt deeply within her own humanity.

Closing her eyes, she tilted back her head to feel the warmth of the sun on her face... and when she opened them again, she caught a glimpse of the shadowy moon peeking out from behind a cloud. She whispered to herself, “there she is.” She let out an unexpected and long needed sigh, relishing in her knowing that this is exactly where she needed to be."

Shelegends | Sacred Sites and Travel in Italy

The longing comes when one realizes one has given scant time to the mystic cookfire, or to the dreamtime, too little time to one’s own creative life, one’s life work, or one’s true loves.

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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